Info week

Preparation for birth, information week

Ági Geréb, the team leader, who had been speaker on some days in the week until her arrest on 5th October 2010, is currently under house arrest for an undetermined period. Her deputies on the information week are Móni Németh, Bea Auxner and Éva Pető, both midwives.

Address and contact details for the Napvilág Születésház®:

1 Alma utca, 12th district, Budapest, entrance from Gaál József út (accessible by the 128 and 129 busses from Moszkva tér ─ or from the other destinations ─ the bus stop at Alma utca is known as Érsebészeti Klinika On either side of the house there is a parking fee, but on the Határőr Road parking is free.)


Information weeks are held on a monthly basis, there are birth processing groups, C-section groups, rebirthing techniques groups, breastfeeding groups, wrap baby carrier groups, grandmother groups as well as other groups, e.g. doula-training.

Napvilág Születésház® staff:

  • obstetrician-gynaecologist
  • midwife
  • paediatrician
  • psychologists
  • facilitators
  • pilates fitness trainer
  • female helpers (i.e. doula, spelt ‘dúla‘ in Hungarian)
  • breast-feeding consultants.

The information week is preceded by an information evening at 5pm on the previous Friday.

Further information is available at the information evenings, which start at 5 pm.

The Information Week programme, duration:

The information week starts daily at 10am, the afternoon sessions can last until 8pm on Monday and Thursday and no later than 3pm on Tuesday and Wednesday.

From 10am to approx. 7:30pm: Birth through the eyes of the obstetrician ─ usually held by Ági Geréb, temporarily by Móni Németh

From 10am to approx. 2:30pm: The newborn ─ Ágnes Király

From 10am to 1pm: Childbirth through the midwife’s eyes ─ usually held by Ági Geréb, temporarily by Bea Auxner and Éva Pető
2 pm: Perineum exercises ─ an introduction with Ágnes Király

From 10am to 1pm: Expecting children, inner preparation ─ Juli Frigyes
2 pm: Films and interviews with birth helpers, i.e. the doulas

Morning: Breastfeeding ─ La Leche League, Judit Sződy
from 2 pm to 7 pm and Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm: Continuous group work under the title Waiting room conversation usually held by Ági Geréb and Juli Frigyes

Dates of the information evenings and weeks:

March 2011 April 2011 May 2011 June 2011 July 2011
Information evening 4. 8. 13. 3. 1.
Monday 7. 11. 16. 6. 4.
Tuesday 8. 12. 17. 7. 5.
Wednesday 9. 13. 18. 8. 6.
Thursday 10. 14. 19. 9. 7.
Friday 11. 15. 20. 10. 8.
Saturday 12. 16. 21. 11. 9.